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          原FMD系列產品現已升級換代為FML系列,同一產品適用于不 同電壓等級,為客戶提供更多便利;產品尺寸與原來相同,便于用戶替換原使用產品,重量比原來產品有所下降;產品顏色由原來的藍色改變為灰白色(RAL7035),詳細產品資 料請點擊這里瀏覽或來信來電咨詢。點擊這里在線瀏覽西班牙LIFASA相關產品樣本下 載保存瀏覽

          Traditional reactive power compensation equipment with electromechanical contactors, has a well proven performance in installations where the load has, slow variations and it is not very sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Today, however, more and more industrial installations include electronic equipment very sensitive to voltage variations (PLC, computers, etc.) and also very fast changing working cycles (automatic welding machines, robots, etc.).

          Reactive power compensation with static contactors offers the best answer to these new industry requirements.

          LIFASA automatic capacitor banks with static contactors, use thyristors instead oftraditional contactors. The thyristors switch-on capacitors on zero crossing voltage, and switch them off on zero current situation. This firing strategy grants a totally transient free switching of power capacitors, avoiding any problem with transient overvoltages.

          This transient free switching gives a very fast reaction time of the power factor equipment with sudden reactive power demand variations. This reaction time (the time to switch on or off a capacitor step) is usually not higher than 20 milliseconds. This means that up to 25 operations per second are possible.

          LIFASA automatic capacitor banks with static contactors are supplied completely assembled and ready for use: it is only necessary to give them the operation signal from a suitable current transformer, and to connect them to the mains by cables of adequated section. They are composed of the following elements:

          Reactive power Controller

          These banks use the MCE-F controllers, that are a fast response variation of the MCE series of controllers. These controllers are specially designed for the control of thyristor capacitor banks and are characterized by their optically isolated outputs and also for having an extremely fast response time that can be up to 20 milliseconds.
          Control Module
          It is formed by an electronic control circuit, that gives the firing pulses to the thyristors to switch on at zero voltage point and to switch off at zero current situation.
          The control module is assembled on a printed circuit board and receives the action signal from the MCE controller.
          Power Module
          It is formed by three pairs of thyristors in anti-parallel connection, mounted and assembled on well dimensioned heat sinks, protection fuses and limiting inductances.
          These banks use the six terminal versions of FMLS and FMBS series of power capacitors.

          Technical Characteristics

          Tensiones nominales*/Rated voltages*…………440 V
          Frecuencia nominal/Rated frequency…………50 Hz/60 Hz
          Potencia nominal/Rated power…………7.5 ... 960 kvar
          Pérdidas dielétrica/Dielectric losses…………< 0.2 W/kvar
          Pérdidas en condensadores/Capacitors losses…………< 0.5 W/kvar
          Sobretensión máxima/Max. overvoltage…………1.1 Un (8h/dia/day)
          Sobreintensidad máxima/Max. avercurrent…………1.3 In
          Reguladores/Controllers…………MCE-12 F
          Retardo de conexión/Switching on delay…………20 ms (típico)/ (typical)
          Programas de trabajo/Working programs…………1:1:1:1: , 1:2:2:2: y/and 1:2:4:4:
          Transformador de corriente/Current transformar…………/5A opcional/optional
          Gama climatica/Temperature range…………-25/+45oC max. temp.
          Grado de protección/Protection degree…………
          Normas/Standards…………, , ,


          Protection filters
          Protection filters are used, in supply networks having a high level of harmonic distortion, when the final objective is reactive power compensation at the fundamental frequency.
          Their purpose is to avoid that harmonic currents overload the capacitors by diverting them to the mains. Protection filters are made by connecting reactors in series with capacitors,
          in such a way that the tuning frequency of the whole unit is set at a value between the fundamental frequency and the frequency of the lowest present harmonic, which is usually
          the 5th order harmonic. In this the filter has a high inductive impedance for all the harmonic frequencies.
          Connection of a reactor in series with a power capacitor, makes the capacitor to work at a voltage higher than the supply voltage. Because of this, capacitors to be connected to protection reactors, need to be designed to work at higher voltages than standard capacitors. The choice of the tuning point of the filter is a balance between the quantity of harmonics rejected by the filter and the voltage increase produced in the capacitor at the fundamental frequency.
          It has to be also kept in mind that reactive power supplied by the filter at rated frequency (50 or 60 Hz), is different to the one that the capacitor would supply without the reactor.
          Taking all the above into account, the reactor is normally chosen in such a way that its impedance is about 7% the impedance of the capacitor that protects. This will give a tuning
          frequency, for example at 50 Hz, of 189 Hz. Other tuning frequencies are also available.

          Reactor INAS/INRS
          INRS40057 INRS40307 INRS40107 INAS40407 INRS40157 INAS40507 INRS40207 INAS40607 INRS40257 INAS40807
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