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          Fast disCharge resistor

          Their purpose is to quickly discharge the capacitor after disconnection. In this way it is ready for a new connection. Their use is necessary in the construction of automatic capacitor banks. Two resistor assemblies are supplied for easy installation.


          Adding Current transforMers

          Required when the controller has to consider the signal of more than one current transformer (for example compensation in low voltage of a supply with 2 power transformers in parallel).

          Accessories and auxiliary material
          J02102101 RD60 J02102181 RD100 Para 2 circuitos/For 2 circuits: 5+5/5 A Para 3 circuitos/For 3 circuits: 5+5+5/5 A harMoniC relay WDH50A
        1. 電力電容器Power capacitors

        2. 諧波濾波器Harmonic filters
        3. 電容器柜Automatic Banks

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        5. 防護濾波器Protection filters
        6. 無功功率控制器Reactive power controllers
        7. 附件Accessories and auxiliary
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