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          The static switching module CTB2PH includes, in a compact size, all the components necessary to realize the switching of three-phase capacitors. CTB2PH modules use thyristors instead of electromechanical contactors. The static system is the most convenient in case of large and fast fluctuations of the load current (load changes lasting a few milliseconds to several seconds). The advantages of the static system are the connection at zero crossing voltage and the disconnection at zero current crossing, thus avoiding inrush current transients. CTB2PH modules are composed of two basic parts: control module and power block. As an added accessory, both parts can be mounted with a polycarbonate cover.


          TeChniCal CharaCteristiCs

            CTB2PH4025 CTB2PH402550 CTB2PH4080
          Voltage 230V 400V 230V 400V 230V 400V
          Switching power 12.5kvar 25kvar 25kvar 50kvar 40kvar 50kvar
          Overload 1.5 In durante/for 1 min
          Current 36A 72A 115A
          Frequency 50 /60 Hz
          Control module power supply 12VDC
          Fan power supply 230V
          Ventilation Fan convention
          Protection control module By means of thermostat NC. Max. 90o C
          Fan protection Thermostat control. Contact NO 70o C
          Assembly Vertical-Horizontal
          Switched phases L1,L2 (L3 conexión directa/ connected straight through)
          Protection degree
          Accessory Polycarbonate cover Part number: COVERCTB2PH (PVP 35)
          Price 660 695 795

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